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How to find a doctor in Manitoba

It’s important to visit a health care professional on a regular basis to get the necessary check ups that can help you stay healthy and informed about your health. Many people tell us that they don’t have a family doctor. The Government of Manitoba has set up a “Family Doctor Finder” that you can use to help find a health care provider.

Call 204.786.7111 (Winnipeg) or 1.866.690.8260 (toll free) to register for this service. You need to call between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.

How to access traditional health services

Many Aboriginal people like to combine Western health services with traditional teachings and ceremonies in an attempt to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Most communities have Elders and traditional teachers, but it takes some searching to find one who is right for you. Talk to Aboriginal leaders in your community if you are interested in finding an Elder; they will usually know who can support you. If you’d like, here are some other resources that you can explore:

Other organizations that can help you

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